Company enables people with results driven education programs to succeed at every level of an accountant career, from anywhere in the world. We aim to drive faster results, and more cost effective than traditional educational programs or career paths.

A Team Of Owners Team Members

This isn’t a company where you come to retire. We work hard, smart, and all the time to make sure our clients continue to improve their success rates. Our team members, which include employees, partners, and contractors act like owners.

It’s not going to be the easiest thing to work here, but it is worth it. We aren’t just working, we have a mission to build something important that will dominate the future shape of an entire industry and transform the lives of millions of people.

When you work here, you aren’t just expected to become better in business, you’re expected to become a better person. With your own finances, your own relationships, and the way you approach work. Always looking to make the right decisions to improve your life, happiness, and career over the long term. We are incredibly fortunate to have an amazing group of team members who are willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to build

Meet the team

  • Andrew
  • Amanda
  • Kyle
    VP of Sales
  • Blake
    Director of Client Success
  • Weston
    Client Success
  • Olivia
    Client Success
  • Ben
    Program Director
  • Daniel
  • Nai
    Program Director
  • Chris
    Program Director
  • Angela
    Accounts Receivable Specialist
  • Juliette
    Executive Assistant
  • Brianna
  • Blaire
  • Justin
  • Ingrid
    Graphic Designer
  • Jessica
    Assistant Sales Manager
  • Hanna
    Assistant Sales Manager
  • Joana
    Program Specialist
  • Ben
    Expert Instructor
  • James
    Expert Instructor
  • Tosha
    Expert Instructor

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