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Become an accountant and build a firm

8-week training program for individuals looking for professional education to become an accountant and build a successful accounting, tax and financial consulting practice.

This program takes an individual from ground zero to learn the fundamentals of accounting and tax, alongside developing the skills to become a successful small business accounting advisor.

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A Deeper Look Inside Next Level Firms

World Class Program Materials

The Next Level Firms Program Materials will take an individual from ground zero to learn accounting and tax, alongside also developing the skills to become a successful business owner - service creation, mindset, pricing, sales, marketing and lead generation, internal firm workflow, etc.

This will speed up the process for the individual to become an accountant and valuable small business advisor.

Elite Accounting Community

Throughout your time within the Next Level Firms Program, you will run into roadbumps and will need help along your way. This is where the elite Accounting Community comes into play.

With over 1500 qualified accounting, tax and financial consultants, you will be amongst the top Accounting Professionals in the industry willing to help you overcome your hurdles and get you on the right path to becoming a successful accountant.

Access to In Person Conferences

We, at know that every individual learns in a different capacity. Whether it be visual, audio, online or in-person we want to include a fully comprehensive program to give you the best possible chance for success.

Therefore, included with the Next Level Firms program, you will be allowed access to a small educational training center where you will dive deeper into the program materials and receive answers to any questions asked in person from the Expert Coaches on sight.

Weekly Live Q&A Calls & Discussion

Each week, the Next Level Firms program includes an opportunity for you to have any of your questions answered, on demand. There are currently 3 different 2 hour open Question & Answer sessions with the Expert Coaches to help you with whatever you are currently struggling with.

On top of the Live Q&A calls, we record the sessions and grant you access to previous recordings which includes over 800 hours of additional content and educational training.

Expert Instructors

We, at have engaged highly sought after Accountants, Tax Preparers, CFOs and Financial Consultants to help contribute their specific industry knowledge to the Next Level Firms Community.

Therefore, we have throughout the program materials and open Q&A, the opportunity to interact with the Expert Coaches and be able to ask them any questions you may run across in your journey to becoming a successful accountant.


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Next Level Firms

What's Included

  • Audio LecturesAudio Lectures
  • Offline LecturesOffline Lectures
  • Program MaterialsProgram Materials
  • 12 Month Extension12 Month Extension
  • Community AccessCommunity Access
  • Weekly Q&A CallsWeekly Q&A Calls
  • Access To Live ConferencesAccess To Live Conferences
  • Email SupportEmail Support
  • Access To AndrewAccess To Andrew
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Expert Instructors

  • Andrew Argue, CPA
    Andrew Argue, CPAAndrew Argue is the CEO & Founder of Andrew received his Bachelor's & Master’s Degree from the University of Tampa and went on to become a Certified Public Accountant. Since then, Andrew has been transforming the accounting industry for over 10 years helping students and business owners learn the necessary skills to be successful in accounting. He is one of the biggest nerds in Accounting, and loves doing his own books, every single day. You can find Andrew active on the Next Level Firms & Accounting Mastermind Q&A calls live each week.
  • Amanda Argue, CPA
    Amanda Argue, CPAAmanda Argue is the COO of Amanda works alongside her husband, Andrew in helping build out the operations and update the trainings for clients. Amanda is an Expert Instructor on Marketing & System Automation and can be seen inside the training materials for the Next Level Firms Program & Accounting Mastermind Program. Amanda received a Bachelor's in Accounting from the University of South Florida and went on to become a Certified Public Accountant (though her heart is all things creative/tech, not necessarily numbers.)
  • Tosha Anderson, CPA
    Tosha Anderson, CPATosha Anderson is an Expert Instructor for Tosha has a successful accounting firm who focuses solely on helping the Non-Profit Niche. Tosha’s firm’s name is the Charity CFO and she is found on the Next Level Firms Q&A calls discussing topics such as accounting, CFO services, financial consulting sales, marketing and practice strategy. Tosha resides in St Louis, MI with her husband and daughter.
  • James Rainwater, CPA
    James Rainwater, CPAJames Rainwater is an Expert Instructor for James is the go-to instructor for all things relating to Tax, Tax Planning, accounting, practice strategy, sales and marketing. James runs his own accounting & tax practice and focuses on helping the real estate industry and is also a Certified Public Accountant. James currently resides in Maryland with his two boys but we, at are hoping to convince him to move to sunny South Florida.
  • Ben Golden, EA
    Ben Golden, EABen Golden is an Enrolled Agent based out of Alabama. Ben is quite the entrepreneur as he owns both a construction company and his own Tax Resolution Practice. Ben is an Expert Instructor on all things relating to Tax Resolution, Tax Planning and practice strategy. You can find Ben inside of the Next Level Firms trainings as well as an active member of the Accounting Mastermind.

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