When on a sales consultation, have you ever had the following objection come up?…

“Well, this all sounds great but I need to talk to a couple of references first.”

For my client Eric, this is exactly what happened on his call.

He decided to grant the references to the prospect in hopes of closing the deal.

To give you a little bit of background on Eric, he is a successful accounting & tax firm owner and decided to pitch this prospect, let’s call her “Sarah”, on tax planning.

Eric utilized an AccountingTax.com sales presentation to help walk Sarah through the sales consultation and got to a point where Sarah just wanted to have a few references and do a bit more research.

Now most accountants ARE NOT doing Tax Planning.

When you offer tax planning, we typically recommend to our clients that they charge $2500 – $9800 for the very first engagement.

The Tax Plan is essentially educating the client on the specific tax strategies the client, i.e. Sarah, can implement in their business and life in order to save money on taxes.

At this point, you are not actually doing the tax implementation of the plan or the tax prep, you’re just doing the initial educational component by helping small business owners pay less in taxes.

What’s interesting is…

When you go through and you offer the tax plan, specifically following our sales scripts and sales decks…

And the client, wants to talk to someone else…

They are probably going to encounter another accountant who is going to charge $650 bucks for just the tax preparation service.

And so for Eric, this is exactly what happened.

Sarah went to speak to two other accountants.

A few days later, Sarah comes back around and reaches out to Eric.

And this is what happened….

When reading through this, I find it so indicative of the struggle that most accountants experience.

It doesn’t have much to do with offering tax prep vs planning, accounting vs CFO services…

Instead, it really boils down to the service provider trying to help clients at a high level and do something special for those small business owners…

Verses the accountants who are just trying to go through the typical motions.

Part of my journey is to help people who are Accountants, CPAs, EAs, Tax Preparers, Etc, basically figure out different ways to…

  • Provide more value to clients
  • Reprice existing engagements
  • Add higher level services
  • Get appointments with the right types of potential clients
  • Plus more….

And my team and I want to do whatever it takes to support you on your journey to becoming a high level, valued advisor. Not just a low level parakeet paid to peck the keyboard.

With that being said, I’ve decided to offer you an incredible free resource that will help transition you from a tax preparer to a tax planner and start landing fees between $2500-$9800!

The resource is called the 90-page Tax Planning Sales Script and you can access it today by heading over to AccountingTax.com/Enroll.

And it’s not only the PDF sales script, that you are getting…

You will also have . access to:

1. A Google Doc version of the sales script so that you can tailor . it to your firm’s brand & offerings

2. 4+ hours of recorded training by Andrew Argue & James Rainwater, who is an AccountingTax.com Expert Tax Instructor

3. Business Entity Optimizer and step by step training

4. Plus a walkthrough of the Tax Savings Estimator

If you are ready to get started, head over to AccountingTax.com/Enroll

See you on the training!