Last week, a client of mine asked me on our live coaching call…

“What do I do as a CFO? What exact services should I be offering?”

The challenge most accountants face with offering CFO services is they believe it’s a cookie cutter service, like rec’ing the books or handling AP. 

Some accountants even charge $4k-$5k/mo for AR & AP services, but call it CFO services. 

But this should never be the case. 

Instead, when you think about truly offering Chief Financial Officer services, the services tend to include higher end value offerings.

Here is an example of one service you could offer…

Forward Looking Statements. 

Now what does that mean exactly? 

Well, depending on the client, forward looking statements could include forecast reports or even mapping out the full P&L budget for the next month or year. 

However, the small business owner doesn’t just pay you $5k/mo for those reports. 

The true value comes into play when you add the “one-on-one review meeting” to walk through the reports and…

PLAN on, alongside the business owner, how to:

1. Increase sales

2. Increase margins

3. Hold their team accountable 

It’s one thing to just submit reports to a small business owner. 

It’s another, more challenging activity to sit down with the business owner and actually walk through the reports together, and plan on how to improve the business overall. 

So how do you conduct these conversations? 

What’s the secret to nailing the value of a CFO offering to get the business owner to continue to pay you month after month?

That’s exactly what we work on together inside of our 7 Figure Firms Program. 

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