Have you ever thought…

“What do I do with all of these existing clients in order to create some real value?”

60-70 clients doing payroll…

30-40 clients on sales tax…

What more can you do for these people? 

You can easily start by picking one of your existing clients who needs an additional service…

And message that client…

“Hey, I thought of you today. Are you free to talk tomorrow?”

That’s it. Pretty simple!

I know that you have someone inside of your business right now that you can close before the end of the day tomorrow.

It could be a friend.

Or maybe someone in your professional network.

Squeeze in one meeting tomorrow.

And another one the next day.

And 2 more the day after that.

And close a deal before the end of the week.

I know this sounds painful to some of you.

But you HAVE to do it.

It’s like no matter how many times my personal trainer has to show up in my damn lobby to get me to the gym, he has to do it OVER and OVER again because I’m not going to get my butt to the gym on my own. 

There’s just no way.

But afterward, I ALWAYS feel so much better about myself.

The same feeling you get when you close a sale.

So you’ve got to do the painful things in order to get the reward.

And honestly, anything in life that requires you to push harder in order to reap the reward, is worth the pain.

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