Once you reach $100,000 per year in sales, it is important to shift your focus to getting the right clients.

Nowhere is this truer than with a CFO business because of the ongoing relationships you will have with your clients. You are going to have to work with these people on a regular basis, and if they don’t know how to treat you and work on your terms, and if they can’t respect the scope and the boundaries you set, it will not make for a very pleasant engagement.

Your clients have to see the value and respect your pricing.

If your clients are texting you every 15 minutes because they think they are paying a lot of money and therefore should have an on-call CFO, you will not be able to grow a multimillion-dollar company with those kinds of clients.

Therefore, once you have grown to $100,000 per year in sales and are on steady ground, covering basic expenses, and are able to focus on the business full-time, you need to make your next priority working with the right clients.

This is where the importance of a niche comes in where you are offering one particular service and providing deep value.

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