When a client comes on to work with us, sometimes they only want to do taxes, and other times they only want to do accounting. 

But what I think makes the most sense based on what I’ve seen for people that are doing tax and accounting, is to have a mix of services.

Tax Planning.

CFO Services.

Wealth Management.

Commissionable Referrals. 

Now, not every client will need all of these.

But when you look at all of these services, you want to try to add as many of them to as many clients as possible. 

Instead of having to try to figure out if the client just needs Tax Planning or just needs CFO Services.

Now, if you are offering mixed services, my recommendation is to start off with Tax Planning and then offer to upgrade them into CFO services. 

And then in that Tax Plan, you could also offer them Tax Prep and Financial Services, & consider doing the Quarterly. 

And the CFO services are really going to determine whether it’s on the monthly accounting level, the controller level, the CFO level, etc. 

And then also commissionable referrals (other things that we can refer to them and take a commission on). 

The people that do the best don’t think about what they want to do.

They think about WHAT THE CLIENT NEEDS.

And you build what the client needs. 

Now, if you want to just do CFO services, or you just want to do tax work, that’s totally fine.

But if you are someone who wants to build the best thing for the client, and who wants to maximize your value to the client and the amount you are charging per client…

I would recommend offering services in the order I mentioned above. 

And if you have a CFO services opportunity first, I would ask the client if it is possible to do the tax plan before the CFO services. 

There will be some situations where you cannot do the tax plan first. 

And that’s totally fine.

But don’t assume that you have to decide between tax work or CFO services. 

Because you can offer both in your business.

And you should have both of them as options to do first…

But have a preferred flow. 

So ideally I prefer to do tax and then CFO.

Now if something comes along where a client needs the CFO side first…

Go for it.

And crush it for them.

That’s the kind of mentality you should have rather than thinking that you need to make a decision on one or the other.

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