You only have to do in the US right now $40 million a year in sales to be a top 100 accounting firm.

$40 million a year in sales to be a top 100 accounting firm.

He’s going to be on the top 100 in a few years.

He’s already passed this level.

He’s at $1.6 million a month, right?

Or no, he did more than that…$2.4 million a month.

So, what is he doing?

He’s selling a form of financial consulting coaching.

He’s actually doing $20,000 IT audits plus cyber security consulting.

But all from the IT audit, the SSAE 16, SOC 1, or whatever.

But he started out as a normal dude just working at an accounting firm.

He liked to do the IT stuff.

Got into that and started a business. They did $20 million last year and he is going to do $30 million this year.

I talked to this guy…he is unbelievable.

He’s got 12 people that are effective salespeople at his company.

It’s an accounting firm.

12 effective people doing sales.

2 people that are doing full-time marketing.

They spend $250,000 a month on advertising.


So there’s a lot of firms out there that are big.

There are a lot of people out there that have been big.

There’s no reason why somebody in here shouldn’t be able to do it.

$840,000 a month.

If we look at it, that’s probably divided by $5,000.

What is that? 170?

I don’t know. I don’t have the number on me here. 168. 840,000

divided by 5,000. 168.

168 divided by 31 days in a month is 5.4 sales per day, right?

If you’re doing that type of a business.

5 sales a day.

Dude, we just got 5 sales a day.

We just had the collective energy of more people.

It’s already been done.

I’ll get more than five sales today.

You know, they’re out there.

The people are out there.

But the only reason why we generated 55 appointments is because we did the freaking work.

We reached out to a shit load of people.

Most people that you reached out to in the room didn’t get back to you yet.

So to get 50 appointments we probably had people reach out to 150 people in here.

150 people in here.

These numbers are totally doable and I know with the group in here that somebody in here is going to do this.

And there will probably be more than one.

But somebody in here is going to do this.

And you have to do the math on it.

Now, if we’re doing $840,000 a month divided by let’s say 1500.

That’s 560 monthly accounting clients.

Dude, that’s a real number.

That can be done.

What you got to think about is this…how many clients can I onboard in a monthly basis?

This is the biggest question for everybody in this room.

How many clients can I onboard in a monthly basis?

What is my capacity? 560? Sounds like a big number, right?

But if you can get to where you can onboard 2 clients per week…

…by the way, I talked to this guy doing $20,000 IT audits, he gets 50 clients a month.

He on-boards 50 people a month for $20,000 IT audits.

He’s got a 130 people staff.

It’s a big business.

I mean think about it.

If you want to have a big company…

…that’s why I got my office…

That’s why I’m going to stick 100 warm bodies in there and get them working.

If you want to go big, you have to actually have some muscle behind the damn thing, right?

So, if you can get 2 clients a week, that’s 8 clients a month, right?

That’s 8 clients a month.

540 clients are needed at that level, if it’s the monthly accounting.

540 divided by 8 is 67 months, that’s 5 years.

In 5 years can someone go there?

And if you build a monthly recurring business with that much revenue, dude, that is a very valuable freaking company.

But that also doesn’t take into account tax, tax planning, individual tax, business tax, you know, clean up services.

So it’s even shorter, right?

It’s even shorter.

But how many clients can you do a month if it’s accounting, right?

Can you do 2?

And then if it’s tax planning, how many clients can you do a week?

Can you do one a day?

Can you do one tax plan a day?

But here’s the biggest thing guys.

You as the entrepreneur, it is your responsibility and your duty to generate the revenue.

Other people’s job is to work for you to help you deliver the services.

But if you sell shitty deals and you never try to push hard enough, you’re never going to have enough money to hire people.

I’m hiring all these people right now and I’m not stressing in the slightest because I have the money to do it.

Because I’ve saved.

I know I can get money myself. I know my team can get money.