Can I Work Remotely As An Accountant?

James Rainwater, CPA & Expert Coach of Next Level Firms, dives into the question before are accountants allowed to work remotely for their customers?

This has been an ongoing pain point for most individuals who are trying to become successful accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers or financial service consultants.

They get hung up on the mechanics of what they potential client might think, if they can’t show up to work at the client’s offices.

In today’s Question & Answer live coaching session, provided bi-weekly to Next Level Firms clients only, James walks through exactly how he would approach rebutting the prospect’s question of…

Can I work from anywhere? Or do I only take on clients near my city?

In addition, today’s Q&A clip includes concerns regarding cyber security best practices to help you work remotely as an accountant while handling client files.

Check it out and comment below “YES” if you have successfully be able to work remotely as an accountant with your clients.