Thinking is a Bad Habit

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I used to give my thoughts credence…

I used to think that they were important to a pretty scary degree.

I really have grown to believe that thinking is a bad habit…

A human being thinks on average about 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts a day.

Most of that stuff is total trash…

There’s no point to it. It’s not important. It doesn’t mean anything.

Do stuff…

Take action…

Make it happen.

Don’t ponder and think about something for three years.

If you have clients that you need to upsell, just pick up the phone, call the person, send the email, reach out to the person.

If you’ve been doing too much thinking…

Cut it out and just get shit done.


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Why Is It Important to Invest In Yourself?

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It’s really important to invest in yourself…

Nature abhors a status quo.

You may think that you’re staying the same or you’re not investing in yourself and you’re just staying the same, but you’re not…

You’re either digressing or progressing.

It’s important to keep getting better, to keep becoming a better person…

That will play out in all aspects of your life.

The more you learn about your firm and invest in yourself, learn sales, learn mindset…

Approach each day with a positive and educated way.

You’re going to be better at your life with investing in yourself, growing and becoming a better person.

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What’s Broken About Becoming An Accountant?

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The traditional path to becoming an accountant is broken.

There is a belief that individuals need to have experience…

They need to have the CPA license…

They need to go to college for years…

They think that they’re not qualified and they’re not good enough…

Most people have the opportunity to start their own firm immediately, go out there and start getting clients, start helping people, and start implementing some of the tools and techniques and tactics that they may have learned immediately, truly becoming an accountant.

There’s been such a barrier on what you can and cannot do and nobody has been really clear about that.

If you wanted to become an accountant tomorrow, guess what?

You can.

You can become that account’s or client’s bookkeeper and beyond.

You can become a tax consultant, a financial advisor, even a CFO; you can do whatever you want to do if you accept that there’s an alternative path to getting there instead of the old school way of doing things.

It goes back to having an end goal in mind… what do I want to become?

What can I do to be able to get there the quickest and the fastest?

And that’s really what we’ve done in the educational programs…we have taken you from the idea that it’s too overwhelming to showing you the tools, the tactics, the techniques…

From there you can really change lives and really help some people.

We’re giving you the tools for you to be successful in this field without X, Y, and Z.

Without those certificates, the license, the years of education but instead, with specific knowledge in sales, running a business, marketing, fulfilling your clients’ actual needs and growing your own practice. We’ll take you through the process of actually becoming an accountant.


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Is College Necessary for a Career in Accounting?

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There are two routes you can pursue if you want to go into accounting…

If you go into a public or large accounting firm, you’re still going to need that college degree to go into that type of role.

But, for the most part, and for most people going into accounting, you don’t necessarily need that degree to be successful. Especially anybody working with small businesses.

In accounting you need to understand how to problem-solve, you need to know how to apply that to a business…

A College degree is not necessary to deliver value.


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Where do you see the future of accounting going?

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I see the future of accounting evolving as much as it already has.

Nowadays, if you have no knowledge of accounting, you can start up a QuickBooks file, you can start up a Xero file, and you can actually get it to work.

Technology has given the opportunity to people that didn’t have any previous experience in accounting, to jump in headfirst and to just figure it out.

There are plenty of business owners out there now that are doing their own accounting because technology has been able to make it simpler and simpler.

The accounting industry is so used to just doing the data entry and it’s not really what’s useful anymore because the technology has gotten to a place where it just does it for you.

Instead, we need thinkers…

We need people trying to analyze problems and looking at the numbers…

We need people who think of where are the areas of opportunity that they can help with business owners.

What are the different areas that we can save business owners and individuals more money and time or give them less headache in what they’re facing?

The future of accounting is forcing accountants to actually become smarter and be better at what they do.

Accountants actually have to communicate with clients. They’re helping clients, they’re having much more of an impact on helping them grow their firm because they’re providing value and that value is a high pay.

The accounting industry is going to change even more in these next few years.

If you are willing to reassess what you’re currently doing, and if you want to provide more value, if you want to be more helpful, then you don’t need to be worried.


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Advice for Someone New in Accounting

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There’s a lot of opportunity for someone who’s interested in getting into accounting…

I think that it’s a great career, it’s a very free stable career.

There’s a lot of potentials to help clients and to help them improve their businesses which then improves their lives.

All through a knowledge of accounting.

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For those people out there that are high performers…

That want to go out there and crush it…

That want to do multiple million in sales a year…

Once you get a little bit of success and once you get to a certain level of success, sometimes it can go to your head and you could think…

Oh my gosh, I’m so good.

Can you believe it? How young am I to have done these things?

You don’t push quite as hard,  you don’t go quite as fucking animalistic as you may have in the past.

It’s good to be in a room where you don’t feel comfortable.

I always try to compare myself not to the average person, not to the everyday individual, but I try to compare myself to my potential.

What am I capable of over the course of my life.

I always tell people…

You’ve got to get animalistic.

You’ve got to get insane.

You’ve got to go nuts and you’ve got to do that.

You can’t take a shower without thinking about it.

You can’t eat food without thinking about it.

You cannot do anything without thinking about it.

Thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it.

Thinking about just keeping it in your mind over and over, that’s more important than whatever you do.

You have to get into it and you have to get addicted.

Think about your life like this.

If you had to go nuts…

Completely nuts for three months…

Just for three months to quit your job…

Work for yourself, work from home, whatever it is that you want to do…

You can have the rest of your life doing that for yourself, but you only had to give up three months and three months where you couldn’t do anything else, right?

You couldn’t go out with friends, you couldn’t go to the movies, you couldn’t go out to dinner…

You literally just sit in and do this thing that you want to do and that’s it.

You don’t think about anything else, only three months, 90 days. I mean, what is 90 days in the broader spectrum of your life?

So screw it, just do it.

Then you start to build your whole freaking life around that goal.

Every decision that you make is oriented towards that goal of who you will be and you just push for it.

If you’re thinking about working with somebody, or going to a conference, or quitting your job, just fucking do it.

Just do it. Literally, you have so much more to lose.

If I think about every year that I went to college, every year that I took a traditional job and didn’t work for an amazing company or it didn’t work for myself, I lost at least a million dollars at least every year.

That’s like a decade.

You don’t have to take the traditional path.

You don’t have to wait.

You could do it right freaking now, right now if you want to do it.


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My 17 Failed Businesses

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I probably started 15 or 17 different businesses before I finally got one where…

OK, this is clicking…

I can make this work, I can start to get client, I could start to grow…

It’s just trying pushing, but it’s a totally different mentality.

When you’re first getting started and you’re thinking about going to do something brand new for yourself, you just got to think…

The majority of the stuff I’m going to do is just not going to work out and you’ve gotta be prepared for it.

Plan to fail, plan to get things that just do not work at all.

If you go into it with that mentality it’s going to be totally different.

What’s important is that you’re working on things that are actually going to make a difference.

The only thing that makes any difference is revenue.

If there is no revenue, there is no business.

Just be prepared to screw the whole damn thing up.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter where you’re from.

It doesn’t matter any that.

It doesn’t matter if you have a job right now, you need to build it on the side.

Definitely doesn’t matter if we have kids.

That’s one of the biggest bs excuse I’ve ever heard.

Be prepared to have a totally different outlook on it and just do it.

Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it.

Don’t worry if the thing doesn’t make sense.

Push, push, push.

If the whole thing falls apart, you just pick it back up and go again.


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My Greatest Mentors

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When you’re in an environment where you’re trying to figure out how to maneuver the game…

How to get to the next level of game…

Find somebody who’s doing it and start to emulate the different things that they do.

Look at what they do…

Pick out the positives…

Do the same things that they’re doing and then start to iterate and do your own things.

For someone who’s hungry…

For someone who wants to do it like myself…

Who wants to push themselves…

Who wants to go to the next level…

Working with someone who’s done the things that you want to do is completely invaluable.

With Dave Ramsey’s program and mentorship, I could see that if I get a little bit of intentionality on this and I start to focus, I can start to get some big results pretty fast.

I realized that if I could control my mind and start to control my behavior and follow this program, that I could use that intentionality and that focus and get a result.

When I first started getting into the Dave Ramsey Podcasts and Program, we had about $1,500 in the bank. We were pretty much broke and had about $55,000 in debt, all of it were from student loans.

In 14 months we were able to go from that position to completely paying off the debt zero debt.

The $55,000 was gone and we had saved $75,000 in cash on top of that.

Shortly after getting out of debt I started to work with someone named Sam Ovens.

Sam is an incredible guy and he’s still out there doing the same thing.

Working with Sam and I went from $17,000 a month to the peak of about 250,000 a month in about a six month time period.

My life improved massively over that period of time.

He taught me a lot about sales and marketing at a high level.

What I’ve typically found is that when you have a mentor…

Eventually, you have to figure something else out and do something different.

I found a guy who had a business that was doing about $15,000,000 a year in sales and his name was Brad Campbell and he was the next guy that I worked with after Sam and Brad was an awesome guy.

Brad was incredible about advertising and writing…

Particularly writing from a sales perspective…

I learned a lot about scaling.

We started spending $1,000 a day, $2,000 a day, $3,000 a day, five hours a day.

If you see someone that’s doing something that you want… just go to them and ask them if they’ll teach you.

If you need to pay them, then you go ahead and pay them.

I’ve recently started working with Grant Cardone in the last couple of weeks.

He’s done some incredible things and I think he’s strong in some areas where I’ve been weak.

I probably spent over the course of my life probably about $250,000 on therapy and $400,000 on mentors, coaches, and training for myself.

That is a scratch of what I plan to pay over the course of my life.

I hope that this inspires you to take a step forward and work with somebody at the next opportunity that you have.


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#1 Challenge for Accountants

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#1 Challenge for Accountants

When I was 23 years old, I decided to quit my job in accounting and begin my journey into entrepreneurship.

My Boss at the accounting job I had was a partner in the same company and he was what I like to call “Crusty”.

When I mention “Crusty” I don’t mean old.

You could be older and not crusty, crushing it in your life and inspiring others to do so too.

But this guy, my old boss, was old and crusty. Deadly combination.

He was old school in his thinking and not open minded to the idea that maybe people could be successful taking a different path than the traditional route.

I remember when I put in my 2 weeks, he sat me AND my wife down to have a serious conversation.

He proceeded to explain how if I quit my current position in accounting, nobody will take me serious in business. I need to stay at least 3 more years, make manager, then I will be in the right place to leave and start entrepreneurship.

At this point, I was just promoted and knew this was the best time to leave for me in my life.

I wasn’t going to wait another 3 years to get promoted again. Too long for me.

I knew I could be successful if I left at that point and started on the path I wanted to go on.

But the partner disagreed.

He warned me that nobody is going to take me seriously.

And it rattled me.

A bit.

I thought, well this guy is a partner in a big 4 accounting firm that clearly does well for himself.

And I was just a tiny employee in a large firm.

But I knew the right decision was to leave. And not letting someone like him, hold me back from what I wanted in the next stage of my life.

But this is the #1 Challenge most accountants.

They are told things are hard, things don’t work this way, you won’t be successful unless you have…

  • A college degree
  • A CPA license
  • 5-10 years of experience
  • 5-10 years of struggling


You can finally be successful at owning your own accounting, tax or financial consulting practice.

Which is just utterly FALSE.

The unfortunate thing about accountants is that they think they must know everything before they can succeed.

But the truth is, in today’s day and age…

The most valuable skill is being able to figure things out, not what you can remember.

And that runs counter to this entire accounting industry.

I remember taking the CPA exam and watching a prep course for weeks on end in a Starbucks in Tampa, Florida.

Read, memorize, answer…

(get coffee)

Read, memorize, answer…

(get coffee)

And my brain really got trained to think that way.

The older people (Partners, CFO’s) were more

successful, because they “knew stuff”.

I thought you had to wait to be successful.

Years, decades… there was no fast track.

It wasn’t until years later I discovered something…

The truth is, this industry just doesn’t work like it used to.

The internet changed everything.

Nowadays there are people building thousands of different types of accounting businesses.

They’re creating financial training, coaching, higher level CFO engagements that help the clients make more profit, increase sales, reduce expenses, and more.

And it doesn’t matter if they’re young, old, even if they have limited or no experience doing the work.

All that matters is that they’re COMMITTED to learning how to deliver real results to the clients.

The thing I’ve learned over the last few years of growing my business is that you don’t need to know how to do something, before you commit to doing it.

You just need to know how to find the answers, and get started.

And that’s exactly what we’re training people to do.

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