Jay’s asking do you need to be a CPA to do tax planning? You don’t. Most people they get so confused by that. Oh my gosh, you have to be … People still think, and I mean don’t get me wrong, I thought this too when I first started out in business I thought you had to be a CPA to do tax preparation.


I thought that for a long time, I was like oh yeah, you can’t have an accounting tax business unless you’re a CPA. We have actually gone through every single state in the US and looked at what services you can provide, what services you cannot provide from an accounting, tax, and financial consulting perspective, and so we’ve looked at that for every single state.

100% you can do tax planning if you’re not a CPA. 100% you can do tax preparation if you’re not a CPA, it’s sort of a hallucination out there, and I get it because they do say, “Oh, you need to be a CPA. You need to be a CPA.” They pound that into you, but you do not need to be a CPA to do tax planning, in fact the real funny part about this is most CPA’s are not helping their clients with tax planning, they’re not.


Most CPA’s are just doing the prep, their clients are losing money year after year, so it’s possible for you to come into a situation, 100% possible to come into a situation and help that person more than their existing CPA’s, we see that every week. Every single week.

Absolutely, yeah.

Where they beat out an existing provider even though they’re a CPA.