When Should You Ask For Payment On A Tax Plan?

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Here is how to protect yourself and make sure you get paid when you prepare a Tax Plan. 

I always recommend that you ask for 100% payment upfront. 

But if you feel that is too aggressive, you can ask for 50% now and 50% in 30 days. 

However, it is CRITICAL that if you take the 50% upfront and 50% in 30 days…

You make sure that you present the plan in week 5 to week 6. 


That way you can guarantee you’re going to get paid IN FULL first. 

And that way if you don’t get paid on the final 50%, then you don’t deliver the plan. 

NEVER do the work and present the plan without getting paid.

They will just avoid you and you may never see that money!  

Also, you should have their credit card information on file, particularly when it’s a one-time plan or single payment. 

However, if it’s a recurring payment plan, you need to get their ACH information. 

Finally, it is very important to NEVER email them the plan.

Make sure to get on the phone with them because that’s also an upsell opportunity for implementation or other services.

Interested in learning more about transiting from tax prep to tax planning & implementation?

Then you need to head to this link here: AccountingTax.com/Upfront

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There’s Always More To Save

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When many people first go into tax planning, they feel they do not have enough information about tax planning to be able to move forward with clients and with their business.

They are intimidated by the US tax code which is 70,000+ pages long, and that is just the US.

Those 70,000+ pages do not encompass the knowledge they need in order to help clients save tax internationally. Ultimately, even though people know intellectually that they will never be able to know everything about tax, they become paralyzed with the fear that they are not prepared.

Consider this graphic below (click read more to view the entire graphic)…

If your goal is to get the client to the most optimal tax situation where they are getting all the savings possible under the tax code, that is simply not possible.

However, if you change your perspective to getting the client to a better state than where they were before they started working with you, that is completely achievable.

“Having a tax planning business is not about having absolute knowledge of the tax code. It is about having enough knowledge to help a business owner save money in taxes.”

If you can reach a higher level of awareness about where you are now and how you and the client fit into the graphic, you will have more confidence to do tax planning for clients.

To learn more about the tax planning process, click the button below!

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Should You Disclose Specific Tax Planning Strategies on a Sales Call?

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For those of you who offer tax planning services…

During the sales call…

I’d like you to remember this rule of thumb…

The client IS NOT buying specific strategies.

Instead, the small business owner on the other end of the call is buying The Process & The Outcome.

Let me walk through an example.

Let’s use the Late S election as the specific tax savings strategy.

Most of the time, this strategy is added to quite a few small business owners.

I call this a “Workhorse Strategy”.

But if you just end the sales call saying, “I’m going to give you a piece of paper explaining the Late S Election Strategy”…

The client won’t want to move forward…

Especially with a hefty estimated price tag of $4,500.

Instead, you must explain the process and the outcome, not the specific strategy.

What they are actually buying is a comprehensive review of:

1. Possible deductions
2. Legal entity structure 
3. Retirement
4. Insurance 
5. Potential loopholes 
6. advanced strategies 
8. Niche specific strategies

The client is also buying a review of:

1. Previous year returns 
2. Current year returns 
3. And a plan for the next year’s returns

In addition, included in the tax plan will be an estimated savings amount calculated on the same sales consultation.

Bundle that offer into a packaged fee of anywhere between $2,500-$9,500 (depending on the client’s specific situations and estimated savings) and now you have a comprehensive tax plan to offer to the small business market.

Want to dive deeper into the Tax Planning Sales Script and specific wording to close the deal?

Check out the AccountingTax.com 90-page Tax Planning Sales Script at AccountingTax.com/Enroll

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Are you Pricing your CFO & Monthly Accounting Engagements Correctly?

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Want to know the biggest killer of any monthly accounting or CFO work?

After speaking with over 7,000 accountants, I’ve seen the area where these engagements go south and it all boils down to 1 word…


Resentment for the client starts to build when the accountant begins to realize the amount of work and effort that goes into the engagement that is eating away at the profits…

And even worse…

When they start to lose money.

So how do we fix this mess?

A couple of options I’ve seen successfully work for firm owners includes either:

1. Restructuring the Old Engagements…


2. Sell in New Clients with the Correct Pricing & Scope

If you move forward with option 2, you are able to get an understanding of how the engagement is progressing in order to determine if you can go back to your old engagements and restructure the pricing/scope.

But how do you go about identifying the right pricing structure for these types of engagements?

I define the scope of accounting & CFO services into 4 different tiers:

Tier 1: Sub-account Management (AR, AP, Payroll, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Cash, etc.)

Tier 2: Monthly Accounting (Bank Recs and the Month-End Close)

Tier 3: Controller Services (Complex Accounting, Multiple Entity Structure, Consolidations, Accrual Accounting, etc.)

Tier 4: Chief Financial Officer (Forward-Looking statements, Monthly Financial Review Calls, Financial Dashboards, etc.)

Unfortunately, when talking to most accountants, all 4 tiers are LUMPED together into 1 low price ranging from $100-$300/mo.

When the LOW & LUMPY priced clients start reaching out to those accountants, the resentment continues to build. And the longer you engage with questions and move out of scope, the expenses associated with the engagement continue to rise.

So I want to know…

What’s the bare minimum you could offer to get the client to pay xxx?


What are the 20% of activities that make up 80% of the value you offer to your clients?

Comment below ↓↓↓

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From Now Until You Retire, What Will Be Your Biggest Annual Revenue?

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Here’s the thing….

There is no wrong answer to this.

But it’s a VERY important question that needs to be answered…

“From now until you retire, what will be the biggest annual revenue you plan on hitting?”

If you know your answer already, go ahead and comment it below!

The reason why this question is so important has to do with INTENTION.

If you do not identify a number, then you are not even looking for the things that relate to that number.

The things that may even help you in achieving your revenue goal.

Here’s an example.

If you have 3 baby juniors (i.e. kids)…

And you head to the mall, you may tend to notice all of the kid-related stores. Teddy bears, Legos, the Disney store, etc.

However, if you are walking into that same mall, and you are an entrepreneur…

Your focus may be instead on the different businesses that are operating and which stores are no longer in business.

This is important to recognize because…

If your life isn’t built around a CERTAIN SET OF OBJECTIVES…

Even if the answers to your questions are sitting right in front of your face…

You’re going to miss them.

The same entrepreneur that wants to do $1M on their practice vs $10M vs $100M vs $1B…

Will be able to recognize that there are individuals and companies performing at each of those levels.

And it is in fact, possible to hit those goals.

That’s why it’s so important to get this question answered.

Because at the end of the day…

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” –Zig Ziglar

So I want to ask you again…

From now until you retire, what will be the biggest annual revenue you plan on hitting?

Comment your response below!

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How to turn a $650 Schedule C into a $12,000 tax client (I didn’t believe it either)…

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But it’s true.

And the problem is your tax prep fees are what we call LOW & LUMPY.

Low price and lots of difference services LUMPED together like these:

-Free Tax Assessment
-Implementation of Planning Strategies
-Quarterly Estimates
-All tax support questions for 12 months

And the truth is, most preparers are doing those (and not well) because their prices are so low, that they simply can’t get to it.That stops TODAY.

And here’s how we do it…

1. Make a list
-Business Returns
-Schedule Cs
-Monthly Accounting Clients (not currently on tax prep)
-Sort by revenue / income

2. Reach out to them (via text, email, Facebook message, or a phone call)
-At least the top 25% by income

3. Provide more VALUE (tax planning, new return, accounting side..)
-Mid year check-in
-Update on the business this year and get…2019 & 2020 projections, 2019 estimated savings, 2020 estimated savings + every year going forward
-Make them an offer using a tax planning sales script (if possible)
-Price each of the services separately <– no more lumpy pricing!

That’s how Christina charged $9,000 for tax planning, then $3,000 for tax prep for a client that paid $650 the year before! And that didn’t even include implementation….

4. If no offer, let them know requests lists and updates will come out in January

5. Send those that didn’t take planning a price increase letter
-If it’s a <$700 business… Double the fees
-If it’s a <$400 individual… Double the fees

6. Selling the stand alone 1040 returns (NOT Schedule C) before tax season
(if it’s over $50k revenue)

And if you do that, you’ll be like Melanie:

“This year we double fees on tax prep because I finally got it, thanks to Andrew. We lost 30% of our clients, but we increased our revenue by 40%. Thanks for giving me the courage to finally see my value.”

If you want the EXACT email script + tax planning script to upsell prep clients into $50,000-$30,000 engagements…

Go to AccountingTax.com/enroll and download the scripts instantly!

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“It’s Just A Tax Return”

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When on a sales consultation, have you ever had the following objection come up?…

“Well, this all sounds great but I need to talk to a couple of references first.”

For my client Eric, this is exactly what happened on his call.

He decided to grant the references to the prospect in hopes of closing the deal.

To give you a little bit of background on Eric, he is a successful accounting & tax firm owner and decided to pitch this prospect, let’s call her “Sarah”, on tax planning.

Eric utilized an AccountingTax.com sales presentation to help walk Sarah through the sales consultation and got to a point where Sarah just wanted to have a few references and do a bit more research.

Now most accountants ARE NOT doing Tax Planning.

When you offer tax planning, we typically recommend to our clients that they charge $2500 – $9800 for the very first engagement.

The Tax Plan is essentially educating the client on the specific tax strategies the client, i.e. Sarah, can implement in their business and life in order to save money on taxes.

At this point, you are not actually doing the tax implementation of the plan or the tax prep, you’re just doing the initial educational component by helping small business owners pay less in taxes.

What’s interesting is…

When you go through and you offer the tax plan, specifically following our sales scripts and sales decks…

And the client, wants to talk to someone else…

They are probably going to encounter another accountant who is going to charge $650 bucks for just the tax preparation service.

And so for Eric, this is exactly what happened.

Sarah went to speak to two other accountants.

A few days later, Sarah comes back around and reaches out to Eric.

And this is what happened….

When reading through this, I find it so indicative of the struggle that most accountants experience.

It doesn’t have much to do with offering tax prep vs planning, accounting vs CFO services…

Instead, it really boils down to the service provider trying to help clients at a high level and do something special for those small business owners…

Verses the accountants who are just trying to go through the typical motions.

Part of my journey is to help people who are Accountants, CPAs, EAs, Tax Preparers, Etc, basically figure out different ways to…

  • Provide more value to clients
  • Reprice existing engagements
  • Add higher level services
  • Get appointments with the right types of potential clients
  • Plus more….

And my team and I want to do whatever it takes to support you on your journey to becoming a high level, valued advisor. Not just a low level parakeet paid to peck the keyboard.

With that being said, I’ve decided to offer you an incredible free resource that will help transition you from a tax preparer to a tax planner and start landing fees between $2500-$9800!

The resource is called the 90-page Tax Planning Sales Script and you can access it today by heading over to AccountingTax.com/Enroll.

And it’s not only the PDF sales script, that you are getting…

You will also have . access to:

1. A Google Doc version of the sales script so that you can tailor . it to your firm’s brand & offerings

2. 4+ hours of recorded training by Andrew Argue & James Rainwater, who is an AccountingTax.com Expert Tax Instructor

3. Business Entity Optimizer and step by step training

4. Plus a walkthrough of the Tax Savings Estimator

If you are ready to get started, head over to AccountingTax.com/Enroll

See you on the training!


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How Accountants Can Master Sales By Managing Consciousness

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As you’re going out and trying to make magic happen, achieve your goals, and do something you’ve never done before…

You’ve got to think, “How can I design my life to achieve my goals?”

“How am I interacting with the world?” 

In a long enough timespan, everything becomes the opposite of what it once was.

Things are moving and constantly changing.

They’re not always good or bad.

They’re not always hot or cold.

People see things very differently over a period of time.

So you might as well start believing whatever you want to believe about the world and yourself right now.

I very rarely ask, “What is true?”

I typically ask…

“What do I need to believe in order to have whatever I want?”

That’s a completely different way of thinking.

It’s getting your mind to think about success rather than just about truth.

So when we go into new situations like business, we don’t want to have these fixed beliefs like: 

“Omg it’s really hard to get appointments!”

“Ugh, people don’t want to pay high prices.”

If you’d just look at it in a different way… then you’d act in a different way.

But most people that are in this sort of two-sided mode of thinking can’t think of something else.

It’s the same thing in business.

Most people are walking through life getting triggered by these things that aren’t real.

When you talk to people who are feeling these kinds of emotions…

They say “no, I can’t do that. That’s not me. That’s not who I am.”

Your identity is what holds you back.

What you think about yourself and who you think you are… limits you and holds you back.

I really try  to make my identity completely flexible.

Because you don’t want to be stuck on anything for a long period of time. You want to be constantly moving and changing.

Everything you believe about your business that holds you back is a lie.

You have to take the opposite side and it’ll move you forward.

For example, instead of thinking of myself as just an accountant who can’t ALSO sell…

I think of myself as a good salesman.

It’s a natural tendency for humans to put themselves in a victim mentality where life is hard and they’re trapped.

But you don’t have to do that.

Because you can “flip” that belief and see the opposite side.

Luckily for me, I can be convinced of anything. I never believe anything is 100% true, which leaves my mind open to the idea that maybe the negative thoughts of “I can’t do this” aren’t true, either.

They’re just temporary thoughts.

You can change. You can be incredibly successful.

Any broken story you have, is just a BS story about your identity.

The way you break yourself out of being so fixed in your beliefs is just by doing the opposite of what you used to do.

If you start doing new things and people tell you, “That’s not like you”…

That’s a REALLY good sign that you’re on the right path to doing bigger and better things!

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7 Strategies Top Accountants Use To Crush Their Sales Calls

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How do you master the art of closing sales? 

You try your very best to sell your products and services, but for some reason it just feels scammy or scary to do.

But once you get the hang of it, it’s simple to get more of your clients to buy more from you, more often.

Here are 7 ways you can start making that happen now:

#1- Be in control of your calls

Sales is a mind game. You have to be the person who’s more aware.

I like to think of it like this.

When you’re on a sales call, you’ve got two people sitting across from each other.

But who’s in control and more aware?

On the left side, this guy who’s thinking, “I’m not going to buy, but I’m being polite.”

Or is the guy on the right side more aware because he’s thinking, “This guy doesn’t think he’s going to buy… but wait until he sees how I run this call.”

Who is in control of this call and running the conversation?

What if controlling the call was as simple as “scripting out the call” so you can know how it’s going to end?

Just like a movie that follows a script… you already know how it’s going to play out.

If you view your sales calls that way… you’re putting yourself in a position to WIN.

#2 –  Get your clients to sell themselves on working with you (so you don’t have to)

What if you didn’t have to upsell your clients because they’re SO happy with your services…

…that they WANT to give you more of their money?

The best part?

They sell THEMSELVES on signing up for your other service offerings, not the other way around.

There’s a simple way to make your clients do that. 

Here’s what it is:

Say something like, “Hey, how did we do on tax prep and tax planning? Did we save you a ton of money?”

They’ll say, “Yeah! It was great!!!”

You can say something like, “Well, I noticed you need this CFO service. If we provide this service for you, we can save you even MORE money!”

They’ll immediately sign up.

Because as soon as you asked them, “How did we do?”…

… And they think about how much money they saved working with you… they’re already sold.

#3 – Be ok with being uncomfortable

Imagine you’re 16 years old and all you want is a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It’s all you can think about.

You tell your friend, “All I want to do is go out on a date with somebody.”

Your friend says, “Hey, there’s someone you can ask standing right there at the mall. Go ask him/her out!”

You freeze up.

And you start freaking out.

You think, “I can’t do that. I’ve got to get a nice car. I’ve got to go to the gym. Lose weight first.”

You’ve got this laundry list of things you need to do first in your head.

But in reality…

The best thing you can do is just walk to the mall, ask 17 people on a date, and know that in a moment of weakness…

One of them is going to say yes!!!

Well, it’s the same thing in business…

You think, “Oh, well I’ve got to get a website. I’ve got to get a business card.”

You think you’ve got to do ALL these things before you can finally jump on the sales call.

But the reality is, you just need to pick up the phone and make the calls.

Sooner or later, in a moment of desperation, somebody will say yes to you!

Sales isn’t SUPPOSED to be comfortable.

If it’s uncomfortable, you know you’re doing it right.

Push through the fear.

It’s the only way you’ll reach your end goal.

#4- Make calls even when you don’t feel like it

I don’t know anybody who honestly enjoys sales and doesn’t feel a little fear in the pit of their stomach on a sales call.

That’s why people avoid doing it.

Because they don’t have the courage to do it.

It’s like the gym…

Going to the gym isn’t supposed to feel good. It sure doesn’t feel good the way eating a giant bowl of ice cream does.

But that’s not the point. The point of the gym isn’t to feel good in the moment.

You go to the gym so you can look your best and feel your best, even if you have to go through a little pain to get what you REALLY want in the long term.

Sales is the same way!

It’s not supposed to feel good.

But you have to do it if you want to see the kind of growth that you desire in your business, whether you want to provide tax planning services or work as a CFO or a controller or a bookkeeper.

#5- Get your clients naked 

Ok. So I don’t LITERALLY mean get your client naked. 

You might get in major trouble for that.

But in a less literal sense… you want to get your clients “naked” by finding their pain points, and pressing on them until they feel vulnerable.

For example.

Don’t tell your client they need accounting.

Ask your clients questions so they tell YOU that they need accounting.

Questions like, “Are you saving every month? Or is debt piling up on your credit cards?”

“How many credit cards do you have?”

“How much biz debt do you have? Personal debt?”

“Are you setting aside for taxes? How much?”

“How much do you pay yourself each month?”

Just get them “naked.” Get them to show you everything.

Get them uncomfortable, like when you go to the doctors office and they make you wear that flimsy robe.

Nobody feels good in that situation.

It’s just weird and you feel uneasy.

It’s the same way when you dig down deep into financial situations!

When you find the pain points that make your clients uncomfortable… 

You need to surround it and stab it from different angles so you can dig deeper into it!

Don’t start asking questions that have nothing to do with it.

Press on the pain like your dentist does when he presses on the painful spot in your tooth!

We have a script that can help you do that if you don’t feel comfortable asking these things or you don’t know how.

Once you reveal their deepest pains, you’ll be able to provide them the most value and charge rates that you didn’t think were possible.

#6 – Sell based on your clients needs, not your expectations

The easiest way to sell is to think about what your client’s needs are.

“What’s their problem?”

Don’t think about yourself selling.


Just think about finding THEIR problem.

And then giving them a solution.

Selling = problem + solution.

That’s it.

So if you’re going for a roadmap or a tax plan…

… you may find that their problem requires a different solution.

Maybe they need a CFO and they’re ready to pay!

Maybe they tell you that they had someone that they were paying 85k/year but it fell apart, but they have an investor presentation in a few weeks so they need someone new ASAP!

Well… then go ahead and provide them CFO services!

It’ll be REALLY obvious on the call what the best solution is.

And maybe you can still sell them a roadmap, but add CFO services to it instead of a tax plan.

You’ll figure it out. Ask the right questions so you’ll know EXACTLY what solution you can provide them and then charge them accordingly.

#7- Get hung up on

If you get hung up on by someone who gets offended that you’re “trying to sell them,” or for whatever reason, it doesn’t even matter.

There’s a ton of fish in the sea.

So don’t let the fear of getting hung up on hold you back.

I always tell my team, “it’s not a good day until you get hung up on.”

It’s a numbers game. Keep on going!

Even I get hung up on (if you watch the video, you’ll see me get hung up on in front of hundreds of people)!

But that’s okay. 

What’s important is that you get back up and keep calling new leads.

Don’t let the fear of getting hung up on hold you back from making calls!

Now that you know you’ve got to pick up the phone and make phone calls if you want to grow your firm… what should you say on those calls?

You can apply to work with us here, and me or someone from my team will call you with a FREE on hour strategy session.

We can give you some ideas of what to say, how to overcome objections etc. if you already ARE making sales calls but not closing them as much as you’d like.

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Could A Twisted View Of Reality Get You More Sales?

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Let’s talk about virtual reality.

Have you ever played a game and felt like you had more of a chance at succeeding in that…

…than in your business?

Does winning at virtual reality seem easier than winning at life?

I mean, after all… some games even have cheat codes you can use to speed through the different levels so you can level up fast!

Let’s talk about how we can develop a new view of reality. Because reality MIGHT be different than what you think it is…

Is there more to reality than what meets the eye?

We all learned in school that atoms exist, right?

That when you look at a chair, or a wallet, or a desk…

…it’s all made up of atoms.

Take a green Expo® marker, for example…

It just looks like a marker, right?

It’s green. It has the word “Expo®” on it.

If you look at it with your naked eye, it’s going to look different than if you look at it through a cat’s eye.

If you look at it through a microscope, it would definitely look different.

If you looked at it through the eyes of an ant… it’s not going to look the same.

Or through the electromagnetic spectrum.

The marker is really nothing more than just particles and waves.

And the same goes for every single thing you look at. It’s just particles & waves.

So why is it that some accumulation of particles are easier to get and some are harder to get?

Take bacon and money for example.

Bacon is typically easier for most people to get than money, right?

But what if you could switch that?

What if bacon was hard for you to get your hands on…

But getting money was relatively easy?

The thing is, you CAN switch that.

It’s just a matter of “re-programming” the way you see the game.

Once you see things in a new way… money CAN be just as easy to get your hands on as bacon.

How can we reprogram the way we see the game of life? 

Just like you do in a virtual reality game…

…you want to create “cheat codes,” so that you can “win” the “game of life” while other people are stuck playing by the normal rules.

Here’s how most people are seeing the game of life (and it’s causing them to fail):

“I don’t have enough time.”

“I can’t charge my clients that much.”

“I’m too old.”

“I don’t have enough money.”

“I don’t have enough experience.”

“ I don’t have a license.”

Do you notice the ONE common word in ALL of these statements?

The common denominator is “I.”

It’s the ego. The way you’ve defined your character in this game.

All these people have a sort of identity crisis. They think the world is the way they see it.

That it’s hard and they can’t change it.

That it’s “real” and not just a system like a game that can be hacked or beaten.

First step to overcome this: Change how you view reality.  

Don’t let yourself get stuck because of how you see the world.

The reason you feel you can go into virtual reality and succeed, is because it’s like a game. You can go into a game and do anything, right? 

But the truth is… you can do that in real life, too! 

Life is a game. You have the power to do anything.

You just have to be willing to view things differently than you’re used to.

Second step: Realize there’s more that we DON’T know than we DO know.

You may have a LOT of knowledge about many different things.

But our experience of the world leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions.

Even if you’re the smartest person in the world…

At the end of the day, there’s more that we DON’T know than we DO know.

So the same is certainly true about you and your beliefs about what you’re capable of in business!!!

Can you get out of debt? Make $250k/ year? $1M/ year? 100?

You just don’t know.

But we need to expand our way of thinking to believe in crazy things if we’re going to create an “impossible business.”

We need to be willing to look at things through a different lens. Instead of assuming “I can’t,” ask yourself how you “can.”

How can you achieve the goals you’ve set?

It all starts when you become a different person and have a different view of your reality. What you’re capable of achieving.

I don’t tell myself that I can’t get clients.

I don’t tell myself that I can’t increase prices.

I don’t tell myself that I can’t get paid on the first call.

I don’t tell myself that I’m just an accountant and not a good salesperson.

It’s very difficult for you to succeed if you go on thinking life is hard, short and brutal.

If you think you can’t do something… then you won’t be able to. Because you won’t even try.

So start by changing the lens through which you see reality. 

I know for a fact that I was able to reach $10M in sales after just 3 years in business is because I believed I could.

And I know once you believe in the impossible…

You’ll be able to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

And you’ll make your own reality.

Want some help making a BRAND NEW reality for yourself?

One that includes getting leads on autopilot, choosing who you want to work with, and working less hours but earning more?

Click Here to Apply and then we will call you to set up a FREE strategy session.

We’ll make a plan to make your dreams your new reality.

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