So you have yourself here and then you have the client. Okay?

You have the client. The question is, do you know things? Right?

You just graduated with a degree. I can guarantee you don’t know much.

When I graduated with a degree, I was dumb as a doornail, right?

So I didn’t know anything, right? I didn’t know anything.

So the idea that I would go and take my knowledge to the client, right?…No stinking way.

I didn’t know anything. That would never work. And most people think, “I know things and I’m going to help clients and I’m going to teach clients.”

I’m too stupid for that. I’m way too stupid for that. So what do I do? I don’t do that at all.

I don’t try to teach people what I know. What I do is I study them. First I study them, right?

So one of the things we do for anybody that just got started working with us is if you have a niche you’re interested in working with, let’s do 7 to 10 interviews.

Let’s just ask what are their biggest problems?

And then from that study, I have personally studied and personally spoken with 4,000 accountants.

Somebody told me a few days ago, they said, “Andrew, I know some things about accounting and I don’t think what you know is right.”

And I said, “Okay, well how many accounting firms have you ever talked to about their pricing and what they’re doing?” And they said 3.

I said, “Okay, you’ve talked to 3. I’ve talked to 4,000.”

It’s not like these are my opinions guys.

Like I’m not telling you, oh this is the world of Andrew and Andrew is so smart. I’m not that smart.

It’s just that I’ve been fortunate enough to meet 4,000 people that do this type of business and share that knowledge with other people.

So it’s not like everybody’s living in the world according to Andrew.

I’m just looking at what are the best people in the world doing and how do we do more of that and how do we take that information and knowledge and get it to everybody else.

I studied them. I personally have studied 40,000 people.

But even if you study 100. Even if you study 20, it’s huge.

But it’s the way of thinking. So dude, what you gotta do Chandler in your situation is study these people, talk to them.

You have to talk to them first because you don’t know anything. You have to learn from them.

And then once you study from them, then you create for them. Create for them.

Invent on their behalf, invent on their behalf. Okay?

That is a different way of thinking. Most people think I have a degree, I have a CPA, I have job experience, and I take my knowledge to the client.

Those people are never going to get anywhere. Because even after having all those things, they’re still not anywhere near as smart as they think they are.

We are all much dumber than we think we are. Myself included.

And so the more that you can bring your ego down and constantly be someone that’s addicted to learning. Addicted to helping. Addicted to learning new things, studying the niche, and constantly creating better and better and better solutions for them…total game changer and a totally different frame of mind.

And with this way of thinking, not only can you get started today talking to people and getting clients, you have to.

Because if you have to wait for 10 or 15 years to learn something, the reality of it is at the end of that, once you try to go talk to people, you’re still not going to know what you’re doing.