What Made You Interested In Accounting?

I became interested in accounting in college…

and really enjoyed some high school classes I took in accounting, I felt like I was pretty good at them.

I went to college with a desire to travel the world, working with international business and a minor in Spanish…

The job market was really tight.

It was difficult to find a job and even more difficult to pay back the mountains of student loans that I had taken out going to a private university.

I decided to switch my major to accounting to guarantee that I had a job.

One of the things that I really like about accounting is that with the right skills and developing the right expertise, you can serve in a number of different ways.

You can be an accountant but still be good at sales and marketing.

You can be an accountant and still be able to work on in HR, or risk management, you can work in all other areas.

On the flip side though, people that specialize in other areas of business can’t necessarily understand and communicate the accounting and finance aspects.

Accounting is much more of a safety net when you just want to be in business, be an entrepreneur, or you want to help other entrepreneurs.