There was a time when people were going to college and getting a CPA license and it was like the smartest thing that you can do.

But now doing the opposite is the smartest thing you can do.

You have to play against the crowd.

And so the truth is that for them, going against the crowd, dedicating their life to this, or something like this, and doing this, would be better for them.

(Audience question): I don’t know if I should have the confidence to say like, how do you address that?

So, we’ll talk about this when we get to objections too.

But it’s a great question and we’ll definitely hit that.

It’s kind of like kids.

If you want your kid to take out the garbage, you can’t just tell them to take out the garbage.

You have to do something else to inspire them.

So you have to kind of do a misdirected action to get them to go there.

That’s why we use silence and we don’t sell them and then they buy.

So you have to do something else to get that result.

We’ll talk about how to specifically address that depending on the situations and the stories you’re getting.

But you never want to try to sell them and tell them how good something is.

You want to really misdirect the focus on how they really don’t need that.

So for example, in that situation, I would say something like, “Yeah, well what do you really want to do?”

And they’d be like, “Well, I really just want to have an accounting practice doing $250,000 a year.”

You’re like, “Okay, do you want to do audit or tax resolution?

And they’re like, “No, I just want to do accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation.” Okay. So you don’t need a CPA license.

And they’re like, “Well I guess not.”

You have to go over to this other thing and remind them that for their intended goal, they don’t need that and get them to admit it to you.

Because if someone really wants to do tax resolution and really wants to do audit, they need to get a CPA. So, for them, they have to do it.

For them, that is the best course.

But for like 95% of people, it’s not the best course.

Because people are so busy just doing things that are distracting rather than doing what they need to do.

I did it for years. I got a degree and all this stuff. And it really was way too much.