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Sondra James

Left My Job 3 Months After I Started The Program
  • NicheConstruction & Real Estate
  • Level5 Figures
  • LocationMaryland

About the Training

As a client of the Next Level Firms Program, you are immediately immersed into a community and a training experience granting you all the tools necessary to start and grow a hyper-profitable accounting, tax and financial consulting practice. Over 100+ hours of technical training, live Q&A, the community filled with like-minded professionals striving for similar goals to you willing to do whatever is necessary to help each other achieve their goals.

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Full Video Transcript

My name is Sondra James. I am located in Owings Mills, Maryland. Before working with Andrew I had just started my firm and I was looking to leave my job sooner than later. Accounting was my passion. I was in sales though before I started my firm and I wanted to get away from that. And my experience working with Andrew has been awesome. I left my job probably maybe three months after I started the program. And I couldn't have been more thrilled. I was excited. You know, working with Andrew gave me the confidence to kinda break out on my own full-time.

And to, you know, he gave me like a focus. You know, the whole thing about picking your niche and making sure that, you know, you focus on what your passion is and what you wanna deliver to your customers was priceless. This investing in this program was probably one of the better investments that I have made in my business. Like I said it was it allowed me to have a better focus on my company and where I was headed. It basically working with him gave me a road map on how to have a successful business.

For anyone thinking of working with Andrew, I would say absolutely a thousand percent go ahead and do it. It will literally change your life, It will change you're out view your...I'm sorry not you're out view, your outlook on life in general. On business, on, you know, selling yourself on marketing, on, you know, just not selling yourself short. And making sure that you are charging what you're supposed to charge and are, you know, getting exactly what your worth knowing your worth. It will take you to a whole another level that you probably wouldn't even expect. I mean, the expectation that I had for the program he completely raised the bar. So, thank you, Andrew, and it was a pleasure doing this video. Thanks.

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