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James Afueh

Andrew's Program Will Grow Your Business Beyond Your Imagination
  • NicheMedical Doctors/Physicians and Dentists
  • LevelJust Starting
  • LocationMaryland

About the Training

As a client of the Next Level Firms Program, you are immediately immersed into a community and a training experience granting you all the tools necessary to start and grow a hyper-profitable accounting, tax and financial consulting practice. Over 100+ hours of technical training, live Q&A, the community filled with like-minded professionals striving for similar goals to you willing to do whatever is necessary to help each other achieve their goals.

If you are interested in learning more, I, Andrew Argue, have created a brand new free Accounting Seminar where we dive into How to Start & Grow A Hyper-Profitable Accounting, Tax and Financial Consulting Practice without A License, Degree or Certification.


Full Video Transcript

Andrew Argue's program, Next Level Firm, is a wonderful program. I enrolled into the program on September 14, 2017, exactly 14 days ago. From changing your mindset, to identifying problems faced by small businesses, providing solutions while growing your accounting business is a win-win for the small business owner and the accountant.

If you're an accountant, Andrew's program can help you grow your business beyond your imagination. If you're not an accountant, but you want to provide accounting services, this program is for you. From the highlights, volume four is looking wonderful. Keep up, Andrew. Great job.

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