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James Monardes

It's Really Improved My Selling Capabilities & Mindset
  • NicheNonprofit
  • LevelJust Starting
  • LocationNevada

About the Training

As a client of the Next Level Firms Program, you are immediately immersed into a community and a training experience granting you all the tools necessary to start and grow a hyper-profitable accounting, tax and financial consulting practice. Over 100+ hours of technical training, live Q&A, the community filled with like-minded professionals striving for similar goals to you willing to do whatever is necessary to help each other achieve their goals.

If you are interested in learning more, I, Andrew Argue, have created a brand new free Accounting Seminar where we dive into How to Start & Grow A Hyper-Profitable Accounting, Tax and Financial Consulting Practice without A License, Degree or Certification.


Full Video Transcript

Hello, my name's James Monardes, and I'm located in Henderson, Nevada. My life prior to working with Andrew Argue was out of a typical non-profit CFO. Lots of stress, not a lot of resources, even less time with your family and friends, and other interests. I was looking for something different. I was looking to go into business for myself, but I had a lot of anxiety and fear in regards to selling and opening up my own business, as I had not done that before.

My experience working with Andrew Argue and his team has been excellent. It's really improved my capabilities in selling, as well as my mindset and the setup of my practice. I would say that it has reduced the learning curve at least 2,000 or 3,000 hours. What would I say to somebody thinking about the program? I would say working with Andrew Argue and his staff of coaches and support team is a great resource to help really reduce your anxiety into going to business for yourself. But also, the community and the other members of the Next Level team really supports each other, and provides solutions to all sorts of problems you didn't even know you had.

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How To Start & Grow A “Hyper-Profitable” Accounting & Tax Practice Without A CPA, Degree Or License