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Kerian Herbert

By Far The Best Program That I've Seen For The Money
  • NicheGeneral Contractors
  • LevelJust Starting
  • LocationCalifornia

About the Training

As a client of the Next Level Firms Program, you are immediately immersed into a community and a training experience granting you all the tools necessary to start and grow a hyper-profitable accounting, tax and financial consulting practice. Over 100+ hours of technical training, live Q&A, the community filled with like-minded professionals striving for similar goals to you willing to do whatever is necessary to help each other achieve their goals.

If you are interested in learning more, I, Andrew Argue, have created a brand new free Accounting Seminar where we dive into How to Start & Grow A Hyper-Profitable Accounting, Tax and Financial Consulting Practice without A License, Degree or Certification.


Full Video Transcript

Hi, Andrew, this is Kerian Herbert. I currently live in San Diego, California. Originally Jamaican, grew up in Queens, New York, and ended up in San Diego because I was married to a man in the military for almost 30 years. And this is our last stop, was our last stop. I loved it out here so much I decided to stay. Anyway, my background and my life before the Andrew Argue Next Level Firms, was FP&A (financial planning and analysis). I've been doing FP&A card for about, at least, 25 years. And about five months ago, I decided to incorporate and open my own business. It's called Curb Solutions. And what I do is I work with small businesses, I should say micro-businesses, in creating a financial structure and enabling them to generate financial statements. And then doing some sorting on a monthly basis, as far as running, you know, ratios, and comparing them against industry standards, and highlighting for them what areas are working and what areas are not working, so that they can survive and thrive.

Until I ran across the Next Level Firms program and going through that, I was like, "Wow! This is so much better than, you know, where I'm starting out." And I just need to tweak things a little bit. I need to tweak my LinkedIn and probably my website to gear it more towards a niche that I'm looking at, which is general contractors. I haven't done accounting in many, many years. I was able to put together, you know, financial statements, but I know there's some areas that still need to be looked at as far as things that should be reported, like depreciation and just different little, little things like that. So I was hoping to finally have someone work with me on the accounting side, so that I know that the little idiosyncrasies of it are taken care of. But what I like about the program is, you know, the whole concept of finding a niche in the strategy sessions. And I haven't had my first strategy session yet. I'm about to blast this email campaign, but I don't wanna blast it yet until I have something in place to where, if someone bites, you know, and wants to hire me to work for them, then I have some kind of structure in place with the accounting side. I'm not comfortable with that because I've been in FP&A for so long.

But what I like about it is writing in my daily journal, writing down my affirmations, you know, logging as far as what amazing things happened today as far as my business, or how I, kind of, made the day better. The whole program is such a good program, you know, that I'm switching to. But I just need a little bit of support, a little bit of help to get things tweaked, so that I can go forward feeling a little bit more confident. But I'm interested in looking at the upgrade and seeing, you know, what's available, maybe a better engagement letter or a better strategy session paper, you know, script or something like that. I just like it, because I read Tasha, you know, had talked one time about the fears and I have a lot of fears going on right now.

So I don't know which way to step. Because I feel like I'm not ready and I don't know if that's just a fear, that's normal. But hopefully, with a little bit of coaching, a little bit of help, I can get things off the ground the right way and start attracting the ideal clients so that, you know, I can continue working with this micro-business. But they're not feeding me right now.

So I figure then Next Level Firm will probably be the best route to take. And somebody else is, maybe in a better position, I would definitely recommend going through the program, because it's by far the best one I've seen so far for the amount of money you gonna spend on it. So I just wanted to give you this little testimonial. It's the honest-to-God truth of where I am and what I'm doing. It may not be the whole success stories that everybody else is having, but I want to be able to have that success story when I get a little bit better with my setup, my company. Again, so I just want to share this with you and let you know where I am in the process. I'm not afraid. I'm still going. I'm still working. I'm still doing it. I just wanna bring it to that next level. So any help you could offer would be great. But just to let you know that I'm on it and I definitely look forward to looking at what's available in the upgrade. So, thanks a lot. Bye.

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