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Robert Hazen

When I Started I Had Fewer Than 100 Contacts, Today Over 2,000+
  • NicheConstruction - real estate
  • Level5 Figures
  • LocationUtah

About the Training

As a client of the Next Level Firms Program, you are immediately immersed into a community and a training experience granting you all the tools necessary to start and grow a hyper-profitable accounting, tax and financial consulting practice. Over 100+ hours of technical training, live Q&A, the community filled with like-minded professionals striving for similar goals to you willing to do whatever is necessary to help each other achieve their goals.

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Full Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Bob Hazen. I presently live in Pleasant Grove, Utah. I moved to Utah about 11 years ago from California, where I practiced for, in total, nearly 50 years. I've semi-retired. In other words, I sold my practice when we moved to Utah. The reason for moving to Utah is to be closer to my kids and grandkids. I still held onto about a half a dozen clients in the Bay Area that I continue to take care of, in terms of all their tax and accounting matters.

I was intrigued with Andrew and Amanda's process. I joined seven months ago in order to get better clarity in terms of what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I found that the materials were excellent, the marketing suggestions are outstanding. Specifically, I've implemented the LinkedIn process. When I started I had fewer than 100 contacts. Today I have over 2,000 contacts, many of whom I have an outgoing dialogue with. And it's just a matter of my suggesting to them what I can do for them on their behalf. I've been very pleased in that respect.

I would highly recommend the Next Level Firms concept, especially for those that have a background in accounting and just need to have more clarity and focus in terms of how to actually excel in the profession that has been very good to me. I would also recommend, for those that don't have as strong a background, to use the course as an opportunity to learn what they need to do in order to be of good service to their clients. Because I think the clients, in many cases, get shortchanged because the accountant gets so busy they really can't take care of them properly. I think that I would have no hesitation whatsoever in doing what I've done again, and I would recommend the process and the fine work that Andrew and Amanda have done for this course.

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